What we CAN do! 

Welcome to “What we CAN do”. This post is inspired by the “What you CAN do!” video posted below  from The Pain Truth Program depicting what Stephen Hawking and W. Mitchell were able to do despite having a disability.

I will be posting fun and pleasurable activities we can do to keep our sanity and enjoy social distancing through this covid-19 pandemic.  “Don’t allow our pain, disability, or situation to define us. We must focus on the activities that we are able to do.”- Bahram Jam

Now that spring is here, what better activity to start than gardening…

OPTION A: Car Greenhouse

You can start seeds indoor and use your car as a greenhouse if you don’t have a grow light. Just remember to roll the windows down slightly on a sunny day or you’ll get cooked seedlings.

OPTION B: Winter Sowing www.wintersown.org

Make holes on the top and bottom of clear plastic containers, milk jugs, or 2 litters pop bottles and use them as mini “greenhouse”.  Fill them with 2-3 inches of potting soil, plants the seeds, water, put the lids on, and leave them outside where they will get moisture and full sun. Perennials, cold hardy annuals, herbs, and cool crop vegetables (spinach, kale, lettuce, swiss chard) are good candidates for winter sowing. This method will give your plants 1-2 months head start.

…and this is the current state of my living room 😀😄😂…

…until next time…have FUN!!

April 21st, 2020|Tips|