Our Address is 332 Main St N, Suite 2, Brampton, ON L6V 1P8.  We are located on the northeast corner of Main and Vodden in Brampton.  We are in a plaza directly across from No-Frills with the flower shop and tanning salon.

We offer the following services: Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Posture program, custom bracing, group exercise classes and microcurrent.

Everybody is unique and so is how they respond to treatment.  All of our therapists are excellent at determining the needs of our patients.  We encourage you to call or text us to speak with any one of our therapists so that we may understand your unique situation and can then better determine which one of us is best suited to help you.

Yes, we offer direct billing with most insurance companies but only for Physiotherapy services. If you would like to know if your insurance company qualifies for direct billing please give us a call and we can let you know. Unfortunately, we are unable to directly bill Osteopathy treatments as most insurance companies are not set up to allow clinics to do direct billing for this service.
2018-2019 Rates

Assessment: $100
Treatment: $73

Assessment: $136
Treatment: $102

Virtual Physiothearpy 
1 hour: $100

30 min: $73

Workstation Evaluation: $73

Custom Made Brace
Depending on brace can range from $1200- $2000

No.  The government stopped issuing OHIP licenses in the 1960’s and as a result most clinics no longer offer this as a service.

Monday – Thursday 10:00am- 8:00pm and Friday 10:00am – 2:30pm. Closed Saturday and Sunday
We do not require a doctors note to be able to treat you. However, your insurance company may require you to get a referral in order to reimburse you. It is always best to call the insurance company directly and ask them if you require a doctors note.

This question is difficult to answer because everyone is unique.  To give you an idea though most physiotherapy patients will be seen anywhere from 3 for a minor injury to over 12 times for a more chronic condition.  Our Osteopathy typically would see patients 3-5 times depending on how complicated your situation is.  This is best determined after completing your first visit with your therapist.

Your initial assessment typically lasts for about one hour. Follow up appointments can range from 30 to 45 minutes.
We don’t just put you on heat and a machine and send you to the gym unsupervised and call that a physiotherapy session. On your first visit, we will provide you with the opportunity to tell us your story. This is your time to be heard, our time to listen and to understand your concerns, goals and where you are coming from. We use this information to determine what types of services or programs we offer the best fit for your needs. We will develop a plan together to help you on your way to improving your health.

We provide ongoing support not just at your appointments but throughout your entire time with us and beyond. We take the time to listen, we understand, we can help. Supporting people is what we do and why we exist.

Too busy to call? Send us a text message!