Vi Cao

Registered Physiotherapy

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Vi’s Story

Growing up, I had always wanted to help people. I wanted a career that I’m passionate about and that can make a difference in people’s lives. Since graduating from physiotherapy school in 2008, I started my journey with building up my clinical skills from taking post-graduate courses.

Then my journey of being in my patient’s shoes started in 2012 because I was experiencing recurrent episodic pain (and other symptoms), which led me to see doctors, surgeons, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, traditional Chinese doctors, and naturopaths. I’ve experienced taking medicine that made me worse than the symptoms it was supposed to treat, paying for treatment out of your own pocket, waiting for hours to see someone, having surgery and then finding out that it did not help. I don’t hold any resentment because it was my journey to learn that these treatments were not the solutions.

The healthcare professionals I worked with provided the best solution based on what they know. Before I started this journey, I was sympathetic to all my patients but now I feel more empathetic and compassionate because I understand suffering and I want to help relieve suffering in the area of my work. Thus, I am committed to being honest; providing one-on-one quality care and not letting anyone feel neglected; helping people get better with the least amount of session, and teaching and empowering people to achieve optimal health.

Now, I am on the journey of healing the whole person with movement, nutrition, and stress management. Sometimes in order for our physical body to heal, we also need to heal our mind, heart, and spirit.