Paul McCrimmon


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Paul’s Story

I used to be a competitive skier, swimmer, and triathlete in high school. During my last year, I suffered a herniated disc in my lower back. My family doctor referred me to a local orthopaedic surgeon who informed me that my options were bed rest or surgery. No other rehabilitative options were ever given to me and as an 18 year old kid, I didn’t know any better. I knew that I didn’t want the surgery, so I opted for bed rest, assuming that the more I rested, the faster I would heal. I ended up doing this for 4 months. As a result of this bad advice, the nerve root in my back scarred over, and half of my left leg remains numb to this day.

This is what set me on the path to becoming a healthcare professional. I began as an Athletic Therapist working with a minor professional baseball team. While a wonderful experience, there was no life outside of the team, and I wanted to have a clinical-based practice going forward. While working at a clinic in Hamilton, I met Dr. Steven Sanet, an osteopathic physician from the U.S., and found my true passion. I have been practicing as an osteopath ever since, and also teach through Dr. Sanet’s school in Markham, ON.