Bimala Odari

Bimala Odari BPT, MPT

Registered Physiotherapist

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Bimala’s Story

As I finished my high school, I was very curious about what’s coming next ! Which career path should I follow. I had seen my friends and family studying day and night and working hard to get into medical schools. The amount of effort and time they spent for entrance exams for medical school, kind of discouraged me . I definitely wanted to pursue a career in health care and I was actively researching for a nursing career. However, as I continued my research ,I came across physiotherapy. This was a relatively new profession in south Asia 20 yrs ago. I attended a career fair hoping to get an admission in nursing school . However , during my counselling ,I was informed that “ there are no physiotherapists in the country at this time and you could be the very one to begin with this profession”. I had no idea what physiotherapy was back then.I was informed that physiotherapy is a treatment method that helps people with pain and mobility. As I heard this from the counsellor I decided to enroll for a physiotherapy programme .

Today as I look back , I am glad that it was the best decision I made in my professional career. It has helped me love and serve my community . Being a physiotherapist for more than a decade now and providing care and services to my patients has been very fulfilling.
Helping my patient and practicing values like compassion and patient support has been a very joyful experience . ‘love all and serve all’ are the values I am driven by and my constant effort is to lead all my patients to health and independence .

Bimala’s Special Interests Include:

  • Pediatric Physiotherapy

    Analyzing movement patterns and developmental delays are just a few of the things Bimala would treat with her pediatric population.  She enjoys working with children and getting results for them.

  • Spinal Conditions (Low Back and Neck Pain)

    Bimala has taken specialized trainig in the McKenzie method to treat spinal conditions.  She has helped many people regain their function and strength using this specialized treatment.

  • Virtual Workstation Setup

    With many people working from home, Bimala provides a virtual evaluation of your workstation.  She offers a very detailed plan that is individualized for your current set up to help you avoid pain, stiffness and keep you injury free.

  • Micro Current

    This is a modality that is like acupuncture but without the needles. It treats many different conditions and has found to be very effective in reducing pain in only a few sessions.