Action Physiotherapy Weighs in on Studies Showing Running Shoe Cost Doesn't Impact Performance

Action Physiotherapy (www.ActionPhysiotherapy.com), a leading provider of effective physiotherapy serving the Brampton area for over 20 years, is weighing in on studies showing that the cost of running shoes is not indicative of their performance.

A recent study found that inexpensive running shoes received higher satisfaction ratings than pricier models, while a similar study found that experienced runners preferred lower-price brands and found them to be better quality than their more expensive counterparts. In addition, past studies have found no correlation between the rate of injuries and the price of running shoes, despite claims from major footwear companies. (Source: Arnold, J., “Expensive running shoes don't prevent injuries, but comfortable ones might,” South China Morning Post web site, September 28, 2015; http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/health-beauty/article/1862050/expensive-running-shoes-dont-prevent-injuries-comfortable)

“While many people believe that buying more expensive shoes will lead to better performance, the research states otherwise,” says Robert Kappes, M.Sc (PT), Registered Physiotherapist at Action Physiotherapy. “There is a wide belief that price is based on quality, but that isn’t necessarily true.”

There are many factors that play a role in injury prevention, but the price of shoes ultimately isn’t one of them. Instead, the science shows that there is a combination of simple techniques that runners can use to prevent injuries from happening.

For instance, a lack of muscular strength is often a contributing factor to running injuries, as it can cause muscles to be overworked and disrupt movement. When certain muscles are underdeveloped, the body can be overstrained, causing damage. This means that for most people, it isn’t enough to only do running; it’s important to also perform strength exercises and stretching.

“Exercises which strengthen muscles in the legs and feet are important to focus on, while exercises that work on the core and upper body strength also play a role by contributing to proper posture,” Kappes adds. “Poor posture is another big cause of running injuries. Without good posture and form, chronic back pain and knee injuries can occur. Posture affects gait and stride, so it should be one of the building blocks of any injury prevention regimen.”

“While the price of the shoes doesn’t matter much, that doesn’t mean that the runner shouldn’t pay attention to their shoes,” Kappes concludes. “A shoe with good shock absorption and support can alter the impact on the leg, so it’s important to find a pair of shoes that does just that. As long as exercises, posture, and form aren’t neglected, then finding the right pair of shoes can be helpful at preventing injuries.”

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