Action Physiotherapy Weighs in on Report Regarding Trends in Physiotherapy in Ontario

Brampton, Canada, August 28, 2015 – Action Physiotherapy (www.ActionPhysiotherapy.com), a leading provider of effective physiotherapy serving the Brampton area for over 20 years, is weighing in on a report outlining trends in physiotherapy in Ontario.

Published by researchers at Queen’s University, The State of the Union: Trends and Drivers of Change in Physiotherapy in Ontario in 2014 outlines the biggest trends in physiotherapy in the province, divided into four categories: “Patient,” “The Practice,” “Technology,” and “The System.” The trends were determined by looking at a variety of sources, including relevant industries and patient behaviour, with the goal of having those affected by the trends being aware of the future and related opportunities. (Source: Jones, J., et al, “The State of the Union: Trends and Drivers of Change in Physiotherapy in Ontario in 2014,” Queen’s University web site, November11,2014;http://qspace.library.queensu.ca/bitstream/1974/12616/3/K_Norman_Trends_in_Physiotherapy_Ontario_2014.pdf.)

“In recent years, physiotherapy offices have had to expand the scope of their practices,” says Robert Kappes, M.Sc (PT), Registered Physiotherapist at Action Physiotherapy. “The growing population of baby boomers and the aches and pains those people suffer as they age have led to an increased demand for physiotherapists' services as well.”

“The Practice” section of the report looks at the growing number of physiotherapists in Ontario—it's the fifth largest regulated occupation in the province—and collaboration with other healthcare professionals. “Technology” addresses the dramatic impact tech has had on physiotherapy, ranging from the way physiotherapists treat their patients to marketing, and the profound effect of the Internet.

The final section of the report looks at Canada's healthcare system and focuses on the aspect of “volume to value”—the concept of providing patients with better service rather than booking as many appointments as possible for the sake of profit.

"More and more practitioners who own a clinic are forced to focus on the business aspect of their practice. We need to be careful that this focus does not interfere with the overall quality of care practitioners provide to their patients," Kappes concludes. "The report only serves to reinforce how important it is for physiotherapists in Ontario, and throughout Canada for that matter, to keep an eye on the future trends in the profession.”

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