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Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Surgery on your knee, hip, foot, or back can help restore mobility, but only after a proper recovery occurs. This is where post-surgery rehabilitation centres like Action Physiotherapy come in. We work with you and your doctor(s) to devise the right treatment plan and stay with you through each step as you regain strength and function.

Overview of Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

The exact form your physical rehabilitation will take depends on the outcome of your assessment by one of our physiotherapists and the type of surgery you underwent; the timeline and approach for a total knee replacement would be very different compared to repairing a ligament in the foot, for instance. Speaking generally, however, rehabilitation with Action Physiotherapy will begin once you are discharged from the hospital and the process has several stages. The length of each stage varies based on individual progress and the nature of the surgery, but most should not last more than a few weeks.

Stage One: The focus will be on being comfortable while working to improve mobility and range of motion. Ice to soothe sore muscles and massage therapy can be employed in-between prescribed exercises. Being able to walk without an assistive device is one of the main goals, as well as beginning to take stairs.

Stage Two: The focus here is regular physiotherapy sessions to monitor developing strength and flexibility. The main goals are to be able to resume certain household activities or tasks as well as take the stairs for extended distances. This stage is when you would normally begin returning to work or driving, depending on type of surgery and progress.

Stage Three: Stage three entails a return to low-impact activities like swimming, golf, or a bike ride. You'll be nearing the end, but you can't neglect your exercises. Physiotherapy shifts to strength and endurance training to restore full mobility.

An important part of our approach is patient education. Action Physiotherapy will take the time to work with you, not on you, so that you can properly understand how different parts of your rehabilitation contribute to your eventual return to full mobility and activity.

If you wish to speak with one of our physiotherapists for more information on our post-surgery rehabilitation services or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 905-457-7475.