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Common Injuries we Treat

Running Injuries

Across North America each year, recreational athletes sustained more than three million sports and recreation injuries.

Running is such a popular form of exercise, but is also responsible for a high number of injuries. Most common running injuries, besides muscle pulls and stress fractures, are plantar fasciitis, Archilles tendinitis, IT Band Syndrome, runner’s knee and shin splints.

Running is a sport that places a great strain on feet, ankles and knees in particular, especially if it is your only sport.

When pain prevents you from running, we work right away to diagnose the cause of your discomfort and reduce inflammation and eliminate pain.

Using video analysis, we will break down your running mechanics and see how we can make your running more efficient.  This improved efficiency will reduce tension in the muscles and joints, prevent future injuries and improve your quality of run.  We work with you on developing an individualized program that will identify imbalances and provide an active program to restore balance and get you back to running

Running injuries we successfully treat include the following:

Ankle Sprain and Instability

Plantar Fascitis

Achiles Tendonits

Shin Splints

Patelofemoral Issues

Hip Bursitis

Hamstring Injuries

Runners Knee

Pirfiformis Syndrome