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Common Injuries we Treat

Posture analysis and correction

At Action Physiotherapy in Brampton we have seen a disturbing trend in poor posture over the past few years.  This is mostly due to the increase in the use of tablets and smart phones and the time spent sitting for prolonged periods.  We know that time has become even more valuable as we all work longer hours with the same responsibilities and commitment.  Changing ones posture is a lifetime commitment but it doesn’t have to be difficult.


At Action Physiotherapy we have a program designed to teach you how to find your natural posture without having to commit to a lifelong exercise program.  We provide a detailed postural scan using the latest technology to help you visualize your current posture and provide you with an individualized posture program to help you not only find your natural posture but help you sustain it for your lifetime.

If you would like to get rid of chronic pain while improving your posture call to book your no obligation posture scan today. Good posture is within your grasp.